About KTL


Message from President

Since our founding in 1966, KTL Corporation has continued to grow over the course of the intervening half a century, during which time we have mainly dealt in semiconductor products for the electronics industry. Our growth is thanks to the tremendous support we have received from our customers, for which I humbly express my heartfelt gratitude. Management and employees have worked as a team to live up to the trust placed in us by our customers, and to respond swiftly and accurately to their requests and expectations.

In April 2016 we became a member of Marubun Group. We will leverage the strengths of our parent company, Marubun, while continuing to do our very best to be a trading company trusted by our customers. We will also create new corporate value which we will then strive to expand, with management and employees working together as a united team.

I respectfully ask for your continued guidance and support.

September, 2017

President, KTL Corporation

Yasuo Komatsu